TCR100 Antennas

The Teltonika TCR100 router is supplied with two elbow jointed 4G cellular network antennas.  These can be used with the router to connect to the 4G network and must be attached in order for the router to work properly.

If the router is located in a position with a poor mobile signal and you cant move the router to a more favourable location then you can consider the option of adding an external 4G antenna.

To find out if using an outdoor 4G antenna will provide an enhancement to your 4G signal and download and upload speeds then if possible, locate the router outdoors using the supplied antennas and test the signal strength and speed where you are considering using the outdoor antenna (or as close to the location as is possible). 

If there is a significant gain in signal strength and speed performance then you can purchase and install a high gain 4G antenna and run the antenna cables to the router.

The most popular outdoor 4G Antenna is the MIMORAD® which is a high gain, outdoor MIMO 4G Antenna, supplied pre terminated with 2 x 5m cables with SMA Male connectors that can screw directly to the external antenna connections on the Teltonika TCR100 router.

It is best to keep the antenna cable as short as possible, but depending upon the gain achieved by the outdoor antenna you might be able to use antenna extension cables which are usually available in 5m and 10m lengths.  Remember that the MIMORAD 4G Antenna has two cables so you will need to order multiple extension cables to suit.

An alternative outdoor antenna is the Fullband FBXPMIMO which is a cross polarized 4G antenna with a higher gain than the MIMORAD antenna and the masts inside the antenna housing are angled to provide the optimum signal reception for the 4G frequencies.  The FBXPMIMO antenna is also supplied with 2 x 5m cables terminated with SMA male connectors which can screw directly to the rear of the TCR100 4G Router.

These 4G Antennas are ideal for connection to most 4G Routers.


If you would like to futureproof your antenna purchase then we suggest buying a 5G Antenna that supports 4G and 5G frequencies.  That way the antenna can be used when you upgrade your 4G Router to a faster 5G router.

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