Unlimited 4G Data SIM Cards

Unlimited Data Fixed IP SIM Cards

Homes and businesses that want to use the Teltonika TCR100 4G Router as their primary Internet connection will require an unlimited data SIM card to provide a high speed, low cost monthly Internet solution.

The TCR100 router is unlocked so can use a SIM card from any mobile network.  You should choose the network that can provide the best balance of speed and price.  For example, if you buy the cheapest SIM plan from a network that has poor coverage in your location then you might become disillusioned with the 4G service due to slow download speeds.

You may need to change your SIM card in the TCR100 to a different network that provides faster speeds but may be at a higher monthly rental.

Using Unlimited Data SIM Cards in 4G routers.

There are many plans available, but some unlimited SIM card plans are offered for use in smartphones or tablets only and the contract terms for these SIM cards may mean that service is throttled or restricted if the SIM is used in a 4G router like the TCR100.

Some independent service providers who offer SIM plans can supply unlimited data 4G SIM card plans that can be used in a 4G router without any issues.

These unlimited data SIM cards cost around £30 per month and the main networks that these are available on for use in routers are O2 and Vodafone. 

All networks and SIM providers in the UK that offer unlimited data SIM cards have fair use policies and stipulate a maximum monthly usage of around 650Gb, but these SIM cards represent great value.  Most home users will generally use around 200-300Gb per month and that includes TV streaming and gaming.

For details of these unlimited data SIM cards please call 0333 130 1015 or complete the form below and receive details by return. 

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