Zyxel NR5101 5G Router

Home and Office WiFi 6 Hotspot with embedded 5G modem with SIM slot for high speed 5G Internet connectivity.

Zyxel NR5101 5G Router

One of the best 5G Routers for Home and Office.

If you need a reliable, high speed LTE 5G SIM Router for your home or office then the Zyxel NR5101 is probably the best value choice.  At around £333.00 + VAT in the UK, this high quality device is an easy choice.  

Zyxel NR5101 vs Huawei CPE Pro

The NR5101 is a better choice compared to the CPEPRO 5G router becuase it has WiFi 6 for super fast, long range 802.11AX WiFi as well as having 2 x SMA antenna connections on the rear for the connection of an external 5G antenna, albeit a 2×2 MiMo 5G antenna rather than the preferred 4×4 MiMo 5G antenna found on higher specification units such as the RAPID NR550.  At a similar price point, the NR5101 is hands down a much better purchase for the price conscious consumer.

Get Ready, 5G is Here!
It’s time to put 5G in action Take control of it with the Zyxel NR5101 5G Router. Cool things happen when you just act on it!

Speed, the Cornerstone for Future Life
5G offers the capacity to enable additional smart home and office capabilities that require high-bandwidth and low-latency. This assists the Internet of Things (IoT) expand rapidly. 5G coverage of the network is proliferating, which is destined to transform the tech in your home and office. NR5101 has 5G downlink speeds of up to 5 Gbps*, which can be the cornerstone of your smart life construction. Get up to speed with 5G now!

Empower the Way of Your Smart Life
Get a head start on building your smart home and office. It’s time to upgrade your network to constant reliable 5G connectivity, improve your network capacity to handle a greater number of connected devices. Empower your future with NR5101, let it be your backbone of your network and begin to live a smarter life!

Next-Gen Connectivity
When 5G meets WiFi 6, they can boost larger bandwidth and capacity than legacy solutions. These two cutting edge technologies come together in the NR5101, bringing new heights to performance and capacity for mobile users and IoT devices in homes and commercial buildings. NR5101 deploys AX1800 WiFi 6, which can deliver up to 4x the speed compared to WiFi 5. NR5101 makes the networking power stronger than ever!

Multifunction Router, All Up to You
NR5101 is not only a simple network router, but it also combines WLAN AP, LAN gateway, and USB 2.0 functions all into one box. Its WiFi 6 can share up to 64 wireless devices simultaneously. Operates both in bridge and router mode, making the device easy to deploy and integrate into your existing environment. NR5101 offers more than just 5G, the variety of usages are entirely up to you!

Non-Stop Connectivity
NR5101 is equipped with the highest-level 5G technology, connections for downlink speeds can go up to 5 Gbps* with 6 built-in 5G/LTE/3G antennas. It’s designed for those who need a consistent high-speed connection when traditional wired broadband is slow, spotty or unavailable. Its failover capability ensures that you’ll have internet access even during a network outage, which you can make it serve as a primary or backup option for home or business internet. Its external antenna ports also allow you to improve signal reception. Get 24/7 non-stop connectivity!

Security without Compromise
Protect your smart home and office. When these places are full of connected network devices, they become possible entry points for cybercriminals. NR5101 is shipped with essential security features! – Multiple SSIDs/hide SSIDs – Application-level firewall – NAT/NAPT firewall – LAN MAC filtering – DoS attack detection – IP filtering – WPA2 and WPA3 – URL filtering

Easy App & Web Management
NR5101 is designed with smooth, elegant exterior with a discreet, sleek design making it both durable and stylish. Its plug-and-play capability and intuitive free app combination offers an enjoyable, easy-to-use management experience through either a mobile device or desktop. NR5101 makes your networking life easier and smarter.

NR5101 External Antenna

Zyxel NR5101

You can see in the picture above that the rear of the NR5101 router has a removeable panel which exposes 2 x SMA antenna connectors and a manual selection switch to switch between the internal antennas and a connected external 5G antenna.  We tested the Zyxel NR5101 router with the Fullband MIMORAD antenna and saw an increase in speedtest of around 20%.

In the image below you can see some suggestions of compatible 2×2 MiMo 5G Antennas that are compatible with the Zyxel NR5101.

Antennas for NR5101 5G Router

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