The TCR100 is a mobile broadband router and has an embedded 4G modem and needs a suitable SIM card to be inserted into the TCR100 SIM slot in order to connect to the Internet via the mobile broadband network.

The TCR100 router is not locked to any network so can use any mobile data SIM card.  In the UK the four main networks are Vodafone, O2, EE and Three and the Teltonika TCR100 works with all of these networks.

Unlimited Data SIM Cards

If you obtain your SIM card directly from your mobile provider then many of these will provide unlimited data plans.  Three mobile are usually the cheapest, offering plans at around £20.00 for unlimited data and networks such as EE might provide unlimited plans but at a much higher monthly rental.  Some MVNO’s will also offer unlimited data plans or PAYG bundles eg VOXI or GIFFGAFF.

Selecting the rght SIM card for your router will depend upon your budget as well as the mobile network performance.  There would be no point n using the cheapest SIM card if you got poor connection / slow speeds.  It may be worthwhile to obtain a PAYG SIM card in the first instance to determine the speed and performance of the prefeered network and move to a contract when you are happy with the service level.

Fixed IP SIM Cards

If you need remote access to your 4G router then you will need to obtain a Fixed IP SIM Card.  For example if you want to access any home or office servers, or perhaps a CCTV solution then you will need to know the IP address of the router in order to be able to use port forwarding.  If you are using a standard mobile data SIM card with your TCR100 router then you will not get a fixed, public IP address and will not be able to remoetely access your router or use port forwarding.  Fixed IP SIM Cards are more expensive than standard data SIM cards because you are paying for an IP solution along with the network connection.

Unlimited Data Fixed IP SIM

In February 2022, a new class of Fixed IP SIM Card was made available in the UK and this is the Unlimited Fixed IP SIM Card which offers businesses the opportunity to have a large data plan with a fixed, public IP address.

This new breed of Fixed IP SIM lowers the cost of remote access for users that need large amonts of monthly data, with the convenience of easy remote access via a static, public IP address.


To get prices and details of the unlimited data SIM card with fixed IP address please call 0333 130 1015

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