Teltonika TCR100 4G Router Review

TCR100 LTE 4G Router

The Teltonika TCR100 is the brand new 4G SIM router offering the features, security and reliability of Teltonika Industrial 4G routers, but designed for the consumer.It has a robust, stylish, industrial looking case with basic LED indicators for signal strength, Internet connection status and WiFi and the rear has 2 x Gigabit Ethernet connections which are configured as LAN ports.  It has a single SIM card slot, which has a pop out tray which holds your SIM card.  This makes it easy to use a standard size SIM card and if using an adapter for a micro or nano SIM card then the tray makes it easier to use an adapter.  In fact, Teltonika include micro and nano SIM adapters with the TCR100 router.

The rear of the router also has the power connector and the 2 x antenna ports for the 4G antennas.  The Teltonika TCR100 is supplied with 2 x elbow joint antennas which are around 15cm long and have standard SMA connectors.  This means that the supplied antennas can be replaced with a higher gain or outdoor 4G antenna and considering most antennas are supplied with SMA connectors this makes it easy to connect other antennas.

Once you power on the router, which takes around one and a half minutes to boot up, you can connect an Ethernet cable to a laptop or PC and connect to the router web interface using  The default user name is admin, whilst the Web GUI login password is written on the base of the unit.  If you struggle to read it then holding it under a bright light does help.

Once logged in then you are asked to change the admin password.  Remember to make a note of the password or you will be unable to log into to the router web admin and will have to factory reset the router and reconfigure the router.

There is the option to use the configuration wizard to configure basic settings or you can manually configure the router.  If you want to manually configure the APN settings, for example if you are using a Fixed IP SIM card then you will have to set the router to advanced configuration in the top right of the screen.

Below is a video that demonstrates some of the common configuration features such as setting APN manually, configuring WiFi settings and passwords as well as LAN settings, for example if you want to use a different subnet eg or 192.168/, configuring port forwarding (when using a Fixed IP SIM) and configuring ping reboot so the router can automatically reboot and re-establish the 4G connection in the event that the mobile network drops the 4G connection.

Teltonika TCR100 4G Router Quick Start

We also have videos relating to specific TCR100 configurations such as port forwarding or WiFi. View the Teltonika TCR100 4G Router Support Pages.

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