Unlimited Data Fixed IP SIM Cards

Unlimited Data Fixed IP SIM Card

For businesses that require access to their TCR100 4G router from the Internet, maybe to use port forwarding or connect to the router using a VPN then you will need to use a Fixed IP SIM Card.  Unlike a standard mobile broadband SIM card which can be obtained directly from the mobile networks (O2, Vodafone, EE & 3 Mobile) a Fixed IP SIM card needs to be obtained from a specialist provider who has interlinks into the mobile networks and can provide the Fixed IP element of the Fixed IP SIM card service.

Standard SIM vs Fixed IP SIM

If you use a standard mobile broadband SIM card the mobile networks use CGNAT (Carrier Grade NAT) which means that your router will have a private IP address which can not be connected to.  You will see that there is a public address, but the TCR100 router isjust one of hundreds of devices sharing the mobile networks public IP address and you will not be able to route to the TCR100.

A Fixed IP SIM Card service allocates the 4G connection with an IPv4, Fixed, Public IP address that is for that SIM card connection only which means that you can connect directly to the Teltonika TCR100 router directly from the internet and use the router just like a wired broadband router that usually gets a dedicated, public IP address allocated to it.

Normally, fixed IP sim cards are used for M2M (machine to machine) remote access and monitoring applications, for example, connection to vending machines, boiler room monitoring and parking ticket machines.  These applications usually only require a small amount of data each month so Fixed IP SIM cards are normally only available in smaller month data allowances.  For example a 1Gb per month fixed IP sim card would be around £16.00 per month with a £15.00 per Gb overage charge.  a 20Gb monthly allowance SIM would cost £60.00 per month.  A business would use considerably more than 20Gb which means that the cost of a Fixed IP SIM card might prove prohibitive for some users.

However with the recent trend of CCTV companies needing more and more data on their fixed IP SIM cards a company called Millbeck communications have launched an unlimited data fixed IP SIM card with contract starting at just £85.00 per month.

This new tariff (March 2022) makes it possible for business to use the Teltonika TCR100 4G router to replace their existing wired broadband service and still have the ability for remote access to their office.  

The only thing to bear in mind with these unlimited data SIM cards, whether the Fixed IP variety of the standard (non fixed IP) SIM cards is that they are subject to a fair use policy of 500Gb per month.  But considering that a 20Gb Fixed IP SIM is £60.00 a 500Gb per month data plan starting at £85.00 is pretty good value in comparison.

Unlimited Fixed IP SIM Card Pricing

To order your unlimited data fixed IP SIM card call 0330 130 1015 or enter your name, company name, telephone number and email address in the form below and we can email the unlimited data SIM card with static IP address details directly to you.

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