Teltonika RUT950

Teltonika RUT950 is an industrial 4G router with dual SIM card slots for SIM failover for added network resilience.  The RUT950 is ideal for unmonitored locations and provides a reliable and secure 4G Internet connection.  Use with a Fixed IP SIM card to enable remote access and use port forwarding or VPN for access to the devices on the LAN side of the Teltonika RUT950 LTE router.

The Teltonika RUT950 is a dual SIM 4G router designed to provide a secure and reliable 4G Internet connection for M2M remote access and monitoring applications.  For example, the Teltonika RUT950 router is typically used for 4G CCTV internet access, with a fixed IP SIM card enabling remote access to the RUT950 router and using port forwarding to connect to the CCTV NVR / DVR and IP cameras.  Other uses for the RUT950 router include digital signage / remote media, wind and solar management and vending machines to provide payment services as well as manage stock and updating vending advertising.  The RUT950 is also commonly used inside parking ticket machines for payment services.

In the past, some consumers and office users have used the RUT950 to provide Internet access because they did not want to use the more traditional consumer type 4G routers but now consumers who need a 4G router for their home or office can now purchase the Teltonika TCR100 which has the same features as the RUT950, but has faster WiFi and faster Ethernet ports and the TCR100 4G router also has a CAT6 LTE 4G modem inside for faster 4G Internet connectivity.  So if you are a home or business user looking at purchasing teh RUT950 then we would recommend that you purchase the TCR100 router instead as this will be better performance for your environment.

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