100GB Fixed IP SIM – Twelve Month Contract


Fixed IP SIM card with public IP address and 100GB of data per month inclusive data.

3Mobile network SIM with static IP address to enable remote access to your 4G router.

This Fixed IP SIM Card comes with 100GB of inclusive data per month with the option to bolt-on an additional 100GB of data for the month in case you think you will exceed your 100GB data allowance.

This Fixed IP SIM Card is on the 3mobile network and once inserted in your TCR100 4G router you need to go to the mobile settings and configure the APN manually so that the router can connect to the specific APN (Access Point Name) for the Fixed IP SIM service and then the router 4G connection will be allocated with a static, public IP address.

This service means that you can access the Teltonika TCR100 router web admin remotely (remember to enable remote admin in the router settings).  By being able to access the 4G router via the public, fixed IP address you can also use Port Forwarding to remotely connect to devices on the LAN – such as CCTV or IP cameras.

This SIM card only provides a 4G connection, even if installed in a 5G router.  It is suitable for use with the Teltonika TCR100 consumer router and can be used by home or office users that need remote access to their router and networked devices.

If you think that 100GB of data may not be enough, or you need a 5G connection then consider the option of an Unlimited Data Fixed IP SIM Card.  These are available on 3mobile (4G only) or Vodafone (4G 7 5G connection).  These are classed as unlimited data SIM cards but are subject to a fair use policy of around 500GB of data per month but still represent excellent value for money.

The 100GB Fixed IP SIM is available on a rolling monthly contract or a 12 month contract term.  This Item is for the 12 month contract plan.  If you want the monthly rolling contract plan CLICK HERE.

Payment is for delivery and one month rental in advance with ongoing payment via direct debit.  A separate SIM rental contract and direct debit will be emailed for completion.

One Month Contract

One Month

Twelve Month Contract

twelve months


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