SIM Cards

SIM Cards for use with the Teltonika TCR100.

We can offer standard mobile data SIM cards from the four UK mobile phone networks including EE, Vodafone, O2 and 3 Mobile. These are either on monthly rolling contracts or longer term twelve or twenty four month contracts. These SIM plans will usually have smaller amounts of data and cut-off or be limited once the monthly data allowance has been reached with the option of buying a bolt-on for additional 4G data.

However, many businesses and home users will need much larger amounts of data for their TCR100 router and will opt for an unlimited sim data plan. We can offer these unlimited data SIM cards on 12 month contracts and they provide a cost effective way to utilise the high speed 4G Internet service with a manageable monthly SIM rental plan.

For home orders or business that require a PUBLIC IP address / STATIS IP address for their Teltonika TCR100 router, we can also offer an unlimited data Fixed IP SIM card. This is a much more expensive service because it has to be provided by a specialist provider who offer the ability to add a Fixed, public IP address to their SIM card. These are commonly used for remote access to 4G routers and have been around for many years and will be required if you need remote access to your TCR100 router and want to access devices on your LAN using the Port Forwarding features of the TCR100. You cannot remotely access the router, or use port forwarding if you use a standard mobile data SIM.

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