4G Antennas for use with the Teltonika TCR100 4G router as well as other 4G routers that have SMA antenna connectors and want to take advantage of stronger, more reliable 4G network signals outdoors.

The best selling antennas for use with the TCR100 router are the Fullband MIMORAD and the Fullband FBXPMIMO.  These are both outdoor 4G antennas and both of these are MiMo antennas.  The housings contain two separate antennas, hence the two cables running from the antennas to the router.

The MIMORAD antenna contains 2 x vertical antennas, with the benefit of a narrower housing and this type will suit the majority of outdoor 4G antenna installations.  The FBXPMIMO antenna contains two antennas which are cross polarized, simply meaning that they are at different angles in alignment with how the 4G networks deliver the radio signals so you will get better performance.

Other 4G antennas may be required depending upon the installation circumstances.  For example, the TCR100 4G router may be installed in a metal enclosure and may simply need mag mount antennas to be installed outside of the metal enclosure, or there may be a need for low profile, surface mounted antennas so a puck style 4G antenna may be a good solution.

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