Bonded 4G Router

Did you buy your Teltonika TCR100 to use for your office Internet, but find after a while that you needfaster Internet speeds to carry out all your office functions?

Many business that buy a 4G router, such as the TCR100, will find the initial speed, using a 4G SIM card is sufficient for their needs.  But after time they realise that they are using more and more data and need a more reliable, faster, 4G internet service.  Especially when using VoIP and Video conferencing and need the extra speed, lower latency and extra resilience.

A Bonded 4G Router solution would be the ideal solution, but you can’t just buy a 4G or 5G router that has two 4G or 5G modems and expect the router itself to provide the bonding to the Internet.  This is because a dual modem 4G router will just provide load balancing,  This means that you will have two separate 4G connections, each one may be 20Mbps download speed, but the router cannot bond these, so the maximum download speed you would get would be the maximum download speed of one of the modems.

This is because a bonded solution needs a central bonding device that the bonding 4G router connects to so the units can create a single stream of data between the dual modem 4G router and the central bonding gateway appliance.  If you don’t own the central gateway appliance then you will need to subscribe to an SD WAN Service.  This service enables the SD WAN PRO Box to take several connections and connect to the central SDWAN service and bond the multiple connections together so that if you had 3 x TCR100 routers, each with 20Mbps download speed, then the SD WAN PRO device and service would bond these 4G connections together and provide 60Mbps download speeds.  This bonded 4G service is provided by Speedrouter who provide the SD-WAN service, with the SD WAN PRO box for a monthly rental of around £150.  You just need to add your multiple 4G or 5G routers and SIM cards and enjoy high speed 4G or 5G bonded Internet with low latency, ideal for VoIP, Video Streaming, Vodeo conferencing and fast streaming.


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